Not back to school

We have been considering and researching home education for the last couple of years and this year we made the decision not to register our eldest for a school place.

There are a few things that we have done to prepare over the last year, including buying a larger freezer and learning to batch cook! I don’t enjoy deciding what to cook each day. I much prefer knowing that there are enough meals in the freezer to give me a break from cooking when I need. This gives us the freedom to just head out to the woods for the afternoon and not worry that we need to get back in time to prepare dinner.

We’ve also upgraded our printer. It’s not top of the range but it does connect to the wi-fi and print double-sided which is an improvement.

I purchased the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum when it was on sale last summer and have dipped into it over the year. Already, it has helped to fuel our desire to study God’s wonderful creation.

Found (deceased) outside our house this week

We’ve added to our growing library. Some of our favourites from this last year have been:

Over a year ago, my father in law made me a beautiful wooden box. It’s designed to hold index cards and we use it most days for our scripture memorisation. I follow a method from Simply Charlotte Mason which is very simple once it’s set up. I also put in there any poems or hymns we want to learn together.

We usually make use of our memory box during ‘morning time’ when we also read the Bible (we’re currently using Long Story Short as a guide) and read stories together.

Our home ed corner

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